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Reinvention is what powers us.

An entrepreneurial spirit is in our roots. Founded by a So-Cal floral shop owner in 1982, Mutual was created to address a need through collaborative and authentic service. First as Mutual Securities, Inc., then adding Mutual Advisors, and today as Mutual Group – we have evolved to serve RIA’s, Hybrids and everything in between. With over 40 years’ experience, we have deep expertise in brokerage, compliance, technology, and operations for advisors. Entrepreneurial to the core, we’re no-nonsense innovators with a nimble start-up approach. No egos, just results.

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Why Us

Why we are different

Borne from our ability to listen and learn, we understand how to tailor personalized solutions for each advisor. What grounds us is looking at the equation differently - our advisors’ success becomes our success, not the other way around.

that is insightful
and straight up
from deep strategic
through real listening
and learning

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Power in partnership

We understand that everyone’s life and business goals are different. However you define success, we’re ready to partner with you to achieve it. Supporting your growth as a fiduciary, your way. An authentic partnership, with the power to transform.

Our mission

To transform the lives of our advisor community and power them towards success, enabling them to work smarter, and focus on what they love and do best.

Our vision

To be an aspirational B2B leader in our industry, powering a cultural shift towards truly authentic partnerships. To enlighten our community on simpler, smarter ways to achieve personal success, and transform lives for the better.


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Learn more about Mutual and the different ways we can help you grow with confidence and efficiency, knowing you are backed by a team with the experience and expertise to deliver scalable results.

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Power up your future

Looking for a career to power finding a better you? Ready to join an authentic and truly collaborative team? Want to be surrounded by knowledge and supercharge your learning. Reinvent your future with Mutual. View our career opportunities here.

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