Ryan Sabol

Managing Principal

Every Day I speak with prospective advisors, vendors, and COIs to forge relationships and help them achieve their goals through marketplace education, technology solutions, compliance support, or efficiencies gained through economies of scale and outsourcing.  I might have a batting average below the “Mendoza Line” in bringing advisors to Mutual, but I am batting a thousand when it comes to providing actionable and honest industry advice.  

I Power Success through personal relationships, building trust by being brutally honest, even if that means saying things that people may not want to hear.   I win trust by being personable, available, and simply doing what is right.    

Outside Mutual I’m spending time with my wife and two daughters, surfing the internet and waves in Costa Rica, lifting weights, doing pilates, attending Dodger games, and sleeping in (on the weekends).

Ryan Sabol

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