Nick Damiani

Chief Administrative Officer

Every Day I serve to support our organization and its people by enabling them to achieve success. My endeavor is for us to always be better. By breaking down barriers and providing our people with the knowledge and resources they need to perform at their best, I help ensure we have the foundation in place for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  

I Power Success through Collaborative relationships. We all share a common goal, and we succeed when we bring together all our unique strengths to work in harmony. It is in my nature to identify where we fall out of balance and take action to bring our people together to restore that harmony. 

Outside Mutual I’m a family man to an amazing wife, two beautiful kids, and one smelly dog. At home, between video games and siestas in the hammock, I enjoy an ever-growing list of hobbies and trying my hand at new crafts. When I’m out and about, I lay claim to being a wannabe racecar driver as well as the least flexible yogi you’ll ever meet. Namaste!

Nick Damiani

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