Commission & Fee Schedule


Agency Commission

.01% to 2%

Minimum Commission

$9.95 to $35.00

Bonds and Notes

Agency Commission

.01% to 2%

Minimum Commission

$14.95 to $50.00


Minimum Commission

$9.95 plus $1 per contract to $50.00

Agency Commission

.01% to 5%

No Load Mutual Funds

Agency Commission


Schedule of Customer Fees and Charges*

Alt. Investment Annual Custody & Valuation

$350.00 per issue per account

Alt. Investment Transfer / Re-registration

$100.00 per issue per account

Annual Inactive Account Custody Fee

$35.00 per inactive account

Select Access Visa Debit Card

$5.00 annually

Select Access Checking

$5.00 annually

Select Access ACH Direct Deposit or Debit

$10.00 annually

Premier Access

$100.00 annually

Check Reorder Fee

$10.00 per order

Copies of Cancelled Checks

$10.00 per check

DTC Deliveries

$15.00 per issue

Deposit / Withdrawal as Custodian (DWAC)

Pass-through from agent

Direct Registration Service (DRS)

$30.00 per registration


$20.00 per extension filed

Form 990-T Filing

$300 per filing

Foreign Securities Fees

Pass-through from custodians, brokers, tax authorities

Interested Party Confirms

$1.00 per confirm

Legal Returns

$200.00 per event

Legal Transfers

$200.00 per legal item per issue

Miscellaneous / Postage & Handling (Confirm)

Up to $4.95 per confirmation

Mutual Fund Exchange Fee

$18.00 per exchange

Mutual Fund Non-Participant No-Load Surcharge

$10.00 per transaction

Mutual Fund/UIT Redemption Service Fee

$15.00 per redemption

NFS Premier Select IRA & Keogh Accounts

$35.00 annual charge; $125 termination fee

Overnight / Express Delivery & Handling

$25.00 minimum

Physical & Voluntary Reorganization Fees

$200.00 per issue

Precious Metals Delivery & Storage

Pass-through of vendor fees

Restricted Securities Processing

$150.00 per issue

Returned Checks (Deposited to NFS)

$20.00 per returned item

Returned Checks (PNC Bank checks)

$15.00 per returned item


$30.00 per month per position

Statements – Interested Third Parties

$5.00 per month

Statements – Reproduction Copies

$10.00 per statement copied

Statements – Paper Delivery

$25.00 Annually

Statements – Electronic Delivery

No charge

Stop Payment

$20.00 per stop payment

Transfer & Ship (Issuing Certificates)

$550.00 per certificate

Transfer of Assets (Full Transfer)

$125.00 per account transferred

U.S. Postal Express Mail

Actual postal rate

U.S. Postal Priority Mail

Actual postal rate

Wire Transfer